Feel The Void. Formed in 2012, the band has gone through changes in both style and lineup, while the decision not to play other people’s music remained unchanged (not always the easiest road to follow).
Originating from the same part of Slovakia the band curiously met, and continues to practice, in Brno Czech Republic.

The current lineup consists of four members:
Karol Pál (vocals, guitar)
Milan Kabát (guitar, backing vocals)
Ròbert Konczi (bassguitar, vocals)
Viktor Kovács “Kaktusz” (Drums)
The band’s sound is a mixture of the tastes of the members, ranging from metal to indie rock with a lot of alternative and even a hint of funk.

As a result of a complicated cultural background the band made a unanimous decision to sing in english - the language of music.
This year the band moved out of the rehearsal room, looking for shows and reaching out to new fans while entertaining the loyal ones. To keep in touch, follow our Facebook page ( updated regularly.



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